The Let’s Play Story

In 1999, after spending the summer going over to our neighbors’ house to let our two-year old son play on their swing set, my wife and I decided it was time to buy our own wooden play system. At first we went to the home improvement store and looked at the model our friends had bought, but we quickly decided there were too many negatives to consider one of these for our family.

When we decided we wanted a play system that was safe, long lasting, and was a better long term value, we researched premium play systems. We went to a local dealer of one type of premium play system, looked at the models and left with a catalog. At the time no one in the area sold Rainbow Play Systems, so we called Rainbow and were sent a catalog and video. After closely looking at each company’s catalog, we quickly decided that Rainbow Play Systems appeared safer, better built and offered more choices.

Then came the price issue. These units were more than we had expected to spend. One day we showed the catalog to a friend who has two children. We asked if she thought we should spend the money. “Definitely”, she said. “You’ll get more use out of a swing set like this than anything you can buy.” “I know, but it’s a lot of money”, I said. “It may seem like a lot at first, but you’re buying something they will use year round and will play with for the next ten years. When you look at it that way it’s like you’re spending $200-$300 a year.” So even though it was more than we had initially thought we would spend, we knew that a premium type of play system was the right choice.

After the first day, we knew we had made the right decision. Instantly our back yard was the place to play! A week later the dealer called us to see how we liked the set. I told them I thought it was great and didn’t understand why no one sold them in Syracuse. The dealer told me that this winter the manufacturer was going to look for a dealer in our area. I told her we loved the product and wanted to be the dealer. So here we are, Let’s Play, the store that specializes in outdoor fun!

At Let’s Play you will notice that we include as much information as possible to help your purchasing decision. We truly believe that an educated customer is our best customer. At Let’s Play we encourage you to ask as many questions as you may have. Come to our showroom and take a test swing on one of our many¬†display models. Shoot some hoops at our indoor basketballl showroom or jump on one of our premium SpringFree trampolines.
We encourage you to compare our products with any others you may be considering. We are very proud to bring you the BEST products available.
We are very proud to offer only the best product in each of their categories.

New owner Garrett Quackenbush took ownership in 2015 and hopes to bring Let’s Play to all new fun and exciting heights!

Rob & Kathy Franco